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Fabio's top authentic 5 Italian dishes (and why you love them)

Apr 9, 2021 - 1:31pm

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Fabio's top authentic 5 Italian dishes (and why you love them)

We asked our restaurant manager Fabio to tell us about his five favourite traditional Italian dishes from the La Spaghettata menu, and why you’ll look forward to eating them the next time you visit.

Spaghetti Marinara: a celebration of seafood (pictured above)

1. Spaghetti Marinara

This is my favourite dish of all time. Our Spaghetti Marinana is crowned with generous servings of fresh mussels, vongole, prawns and scampi. What brings it all together is La Spaghettata’s famous Napoli sauce and fresh spaghetti. These staples from our kitchen are both made from scratch, laced with the aroma of sun-ripened tomato and fresh basil.


Tagliatelle ‘La Spaghettata’: bacon makes everything better

2. Tagliatelle ‘La Spaghettata’

You really can’t go wrong with our fresh home-made Napoli sauce and pasta. Toothsome ribbons of joy, with added richness from some fresh ricotta cheese, smoked bacon, cracked black pepper, and a hint of chilli, just to make things interesting!


Fritto Misto: fresh flavours of the sea

3. Fritto Misto

Our seafood is our pride. Here, we serve it as a modest mountain of your choice of fried scallops, prawns or calamari, all crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. One bite and the freshness takes you to quiet weekends fishing off the coast of Sicily.

Fillet Gordon: decadent, hearty goodness

4. Fillet Gordon

Sometimes you just need a perfectly seared grass-fed eye fillet steak, married with a Cognac XO demi-glace sauce, and a party of just-ripe avocado, fresh prawns, and umami-packed mushrooms.


Tiramisù: the perfect way to end a meal

5. Tiramisù

Our 45-year-old tiramisù recipe is so good, we’ve never had to change it! We do it the proper way, using savoirdi biscuits heavy with Strega liquer, nested in layers of fresh, sweet mascarpone.


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