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What’s Next for La Spaghettata

Apr 9, 2021 - 1:24pm

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What’s Next for La Spaghettata

Our restaurant manager Fabio looks ahead at the future for the Cattafis and La Spaghettata.

How La Spaghettata adapted

“Like everyone else in the restaurant business who’ve survived the past year, it was tough, and we had to change to adapt.

“Our current menu still has our best and most popular dishes, but the pandemic is still a reality, and a possibility. We had to streamline our menu — we took about 20 things off it. The most popular dishes, we kept, because we knew they would sell. But there are some things, like the seafood, that you need to serve fresh, and we didn’t want to have to compromise on quality.

“Our success is based on our menu, so it was important to focus our efforts on making sure we still delivered the same, consistent freshness and quality in our dishes, despite change.

“Sadly, we had to reduce our staff numbers. Even when our kitchen staff and servers couldn’t be with us at the restaurant, we made sure we called each of them to check in and see how they were. We wanted to reassure them and give them something to look forward to at the end of lockdown. We told them that when things were safer again, we’ll have them back on deck, as part of the family.”


The things that will stay the same

“Family and connection will always be our strengths. And like we always say, our customers are part of the La Spaghettata family. We used our social media to keep our customers updated, and posted funny and inspiring things we connected with, to boost their spirits too.

“As for our family, the Cattafis, we are stronger than ever. I admit that we all enjoyed the three-month break in 2020! But it showed how resilient, strong and tenacious we are as a family. We didn’t back down, and we kept each other afloat, and we prepared for our return.”


The years ahead

“I think for the next few years, we’ll keep nurturing what we have here. We might make a few adjustments here and there, you know, renovations and interior improvements, to maintain the authentic feel.

“We will still remain as a family-run restaurant but we’re now more conscious of how important time for ourselves and family is outside of the restaurant. We’re going to try and live more balanced lives while continuing to share the joy of running the restaurant.

“With more time for ourselves, we will have even more energy to put back into La Spaghettata. This will ensure we can continue serving up our authentic Italian hospitality, and our traditional Italian dishes, like spaghetti marinara and tiramisu, for years to come.”


Come visit La Spaghettata on Lygon Street

It’s so good to see Lygon Street busy again, and we’d love you to come join us and see for yourselves! Have a look at our a la carte and set menus, book a table, and bring a hearty appetite for authentic Italian food.

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