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Tina Turner, Madonna & Lygon Street

Jun 18, 2020 - 1:05pm

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Tina Turner, Madonna & Lygon Street

Q: So, what do Tina Turner, Madonna and Lygon Street in Melbourne have in common? 

A: A fabulous restauranteur and entertainer by the name of Fabio Cattafi and… me!


I have known Fabio (he is saved as Miss T) in my phone) for over 15 years and met through his cousin and my dear friend Natascia, who recommended him as a back-up dancer for my performance of Tina Turner’s Simply the Best at Jimmy Seoud’s 40th Birthday event at no less than The Plaza Ballroom, Melbourne. Our friendship was instant and we continued to not only be friends, but work together on Fabio’s businesses including his kids fashion line, Zephyr Generation and Lygon Street’s legendary La Spaghettata restaurant.

Me on stage with Fabio (left)


It’s interesting to see how my entrepreneurial friends and clients have been spending their time during lock down. And as I have personally found, having a side hustle has never been more important. In addition to running the family owned restaurant which has been shut due to lock down, Fabio has been focusing on his Tina Turner show- A Night With Tina. His obsession with Tina Turner began at the tender age of 14 when he put on a show for his boisterous Italian family and sang “Proud Mary” into a mop and bucket.

Fabio as Tina Turner


Fast forward to 2020 and he has turned his passion into a reality with a tribute show like no other where he performs to Tina’s greatest hits including Proud Mary, Private Dancer and Nutbush. Transformed into Tina, thanks to handmade copies of original Tina Turner costumes, Fabio’s flawless look is enough to convince anyone that Tina was right there on stage. Lock down has given Fabio the time that he is often pressed for, allowing him to focus on his branding, website and social media strategy.

And it looks fab too, check out these links:

Fabio’s tips for businesses during lock down are:

1. Be resilient
See the silver lining in every situation. Be flexible and be innovative- think outside the box on other ways to make money. 

2. Stay in touch with your network and customers
Stay connected through Instagram and Facebook so you stay on the forefront so customers always know to come back to you when they’re ready.

3. Stay positive
You can rise above what’s going on and perhaps use this time to reflect and simplify life.

Fabio’s Italian restaurant will re-open on June 24th under the COVID-19 government restrictions where bookings and operations need to be strictly managed because of social distancing. Loyal diners have been coming to the restaurant for decades, and for the first time in 40 years, they can’t be greeted with the familiar hugs and kisses they’re familiar with, as they pull up a chair in the authentic rustic farmhouse building. The warm, family hospitality remains as do the amazing photos of special guests over the years including Valentino Rossi, Kenny Rogers and Andrea Bocelli.

To book your classic Italian dining experience at La Spaghetatta that is Simply the best:

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